Wall Art


Terra Design is a new leading interior design firm specializing in Biophilic designs including preserved moss green walls and living walls. We cater to Interior Plant, Interior Design & Wall features industry. Headquartered in Toronto, we serve residential and commercial clients located in the Greater Toronto Area and provide them with design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance services. We are passionate about bringing the outdoors inside to help people reconnect with nature. Hence, we achieve this by delivering sustainable vertical garden and moss wall solutions for homes and businesses. We bring years of expertise in interior design with biophilic design being one of our core strengths.

At Terra Design, we believe in the healing powers of biophilic design on psychological and psychological wellbeing and the difference it brings in our lives. When installing our biophilic designs in your home and office spaces, you’re more likely to feel refreshed and vibrant due to their deodorization and air filtering qualities. We help our customers achieve bringing natural elements into their space in a sustainable way. Furthermore, commercial clients and designers also gain LEED credits.


Our mission is to create a healthier, happier, and more productive environment where people are fully connected with nature. We aim to improve the planet, one green wall at a time.